2017 CBSG Annual Meeting

Save the date! The 2017 CBSG Annual Meeting will be hosted by Berlin Zoo in Berlin, Germany from 12-15 October 2017.

Registration is now open at the early bird price: https://www.cbsg2017.org/.

This year’s meeting will focus on CBSG’s expanded role within the SSC. Jon Paul Rodriguez, SSC Chair, has asked CBSG to lead an initiative to increase the scale and effectiveness of species conservation planning. The meeting will allow the CBSG community, including our many new members and essential partners, to chart a course for tackling this challenge, and it will provide an exciting opportunity to incorporate crucial input from both the ex situ and in situ communities to address it.
The agenda is being developed, and among the topics we anticipate being the focus of working groups are:

•    Prioritization for planning
•    Building species conservation planning capacity across the SSC
•    Tool development (planning for multiple species, habitat-based planning for species, etc)  
•    Data science for the One Plan Approach: Exploring the power of Species360 and other biodiversity information systems to support data-driven decisions
•    Identifying and responding to species planning needs of IUCN member governments and NGOs